At L. DAVID SALON & SPA we will only use products that we know and trust. The products that are used on you for our services are the same products that we retail. We only retail what we use, and only use what we retail. Every product we sell is guaranteed to perform as advertised when used properly. This is backed up with either a money back or a different product guarantee. Keep your receipt and please don’t return an empty product.

colorproofColorProof is the finest product I personally have ever used. It is for every hair type, chemically treated, and virgin hair. If used correctly and you have any type of color in your hair, ColorProof is guaranteed to keep your tinted hair looking fresher and richer and will reduce fading by 75% compared to over the counter and most professional products. ColorProof is a premium product line that is priced slightly higher than some of its competitors. However it so concentrated that out of a 10.1 ounce bottle of ColorProof Shampoo, you can expect 70 to 90 shampoos for normal length hair. The same is true for an 8.5 ounce bottle of ColorProof Conditioner.

kms logoKMS has a wonderful product line. It has products for all hair types and is very cost effective. It has been a favorite product of mine since 1980, and KMS is always improving their product lines.

All products we use and retail are hypo allergenic, phosphate, gluten, and salt free. Fun fact, the salinity of sea water is between 3% and 7%. Did you know that the salinity of the majority of shampoo is between 25% and 30%!! And you wonder why your hair feels dry, looks dull and frizzy, and your color does not hold. Take vinegar and salt and put it on badly tarnished copper and watch what happens. It strips all the tarnish off just like it does to your natural shine and all that beautiful color that cost you so much money to have done. If you buy a quality product from a quality salon it will be guaranteed, and many times the cost is the same or less than at your local grocery store or pharmacy!!

All of the chemical work done by the staff of L. DAVID SALON & SPA is guaranteed as long as you purchase your products from us and use according to our instructions. If you purchase elsewhere or do not follow our instructions precisely the guarantee is voided. Sorry independent operators at the salon are not included in the chemical guarantee, but any product purchased through L. DAVID SALON & SPA is included in out guarantee.