In our spa, our extensively trained technicians use only the most modern, up to date, and sanitary equipment available. You can relax knowing that all equipment, and standards exceed sanitation laws. Take comfort in knowing that we offer manicures for natural and artificial nails, along with the latest techniques in artificial nails, sculptured nails, shellac, and gels.

We also offer all types of pedicures in pedicure chairs that you will want to take home with you. As you sink into the Italian Leather, turn on the pulsating, rolling, or vibrating massage, and adjust the settings you like for the heated seats, your troubles just begin to melt away. The technology used in the water delivery and draining process is again, for your comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind, above the standard regulations.

Also offered in the Spa is waxing, eyebrow sculpting, and paraffin hand and feet treatments.

Stop in today to L. DAVID SALON & SPA where you can truly, See & Feel The Difference.