L. David Soldi

David Soldi - Owner

In 1975, I graduated from St. John Fisher College with a BA in Psychology. After working in retail sales for approximately 2 ½ years, I knew it was time to follow my dream. October 4 of 1977, I started at Continental School of Cosmetology and in record time graduated April 14, 1978. I broke a record at the school for graduating faster; it took me 6 months, than anybody had ever done before. I started as an assistant at a salon on Park Avenue on April 18, 1978 and 6 months later, October 6, 1978 I owned the salon with my brother, John. For the next 15 years, we owned salons on Park Avenue, South Avenue, and in Spencerport, NY.

During that time, I also became an educator. I taught at local several modeling schools, was the main educator teaching product knowledge, cutting, coloring, and perming techniques for a major worldwide company. I also did hair for several different photographers at photo shoots, for models and clothing lines.

I have trained with some of the most well known individuals and groups from around the world. I personally assisted John Dellaria at the IBS in NY City in 1986. Mr. Dellaria perfected a hair cutting technique known as Pyrametrics, which I use to this day.

On December 20, 1977 my son Louis D. was born. In 1982, I married the love of my life, Gail, and on May 31, 1985 our daughter, Elizabeth N. was born. Without the love and support from my family, I would never be where I am today.

I do not consider hairdressing my job; it is my profession and my passion, even after all of these years of doing it. I can honestly say how blessed I am because I am working in the best profession in the world and because I know, I have a natural talent for this profession. How many people can say that after 32+ years they still look forward to going to work? I STILL LOVE IT!

Whether it hair cutting, coloring, perming, yes I still perm hair, or passing my knowledge on to coworkers I am in my glory. I would like to invite you to stop in and see me at L. DAVID SALON & SPA.

At L. DAVID SALON & SPA, we are always taking classes to educate, and better ourselves for our clients. I am very proud of the fact that everyone at our L. DAVID SALON & SPA takes part in all of our classes, and that everyone came to L. DAVID SALON & SPA on their own. I have not recruited anyone here.

See and feel the difference,