I would like to explain why our salon stands out among the many great salons in our area.

  • Yes we have very educated and talented stylists, so do other salons,
  • Yes we use only use and retail the finest professional products available, KMS, Kenra, Lanza, Goldwell, AG, Surface, so do other salons,
  • Yes our stations are custom made to my specifications so our clients can have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience, BUT SO DO OTHER SALONS!!

So here’s what makes our salon unique:
We work as a team. Everyone helps everyone. There are no egos at L. DAVID SALON & SPA. What we do have is extreme confidence. In order to work at L. DAVID SALON & SPA everyone is expected to have extremely high standards, in all aspects of their lives. These standards have as much to do with someone’s character as it does with their talent. In all honesty, since I opened my first salon in 1978 on Park Ave and this being my fifth salon, I am so proud to say that I am blessed with the finest staff I’ve ever been associated with. Everyone is so honest, caring, and sincere. When people walk into our salon you can feel the warmth and caring amongst us.

We listen to our clients, their wants and needs. We take the person and their lifestyle into account when we design a style for them. In our salon, whether someone is having a haircut, razor cut, color, corrective color, (a specialty) high or low lights, permanent wave, style, or special style (another specialty) for a bride, bridal party, prom or formal affair, everything is designed for the individual.

Stop in today to L. DAVID SALON & SPA where you can truly, See & Feel The Difference.